Yoga Wheel - Pressure Fitness
Yoga Wheel - Pressure Fitness
Yoga Wheel - Pressure Fitness
Yoga Wheel - Pressure Fitness

Yoga Wheel

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Bodylastics Yoga Wheel is the best back opener and stretcher ever. Backbend right and relieve muscle tension in your back, shoulders, and hips in ways you didn't know could be so fun.

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Strong and Reliable

The Bodylastic Yoga Wheel is designed to last long! It does not flex, unlike cheap competitive products that claim the same strength, help you do all your activities, and pose with ease, safety, and much-needed support.

Ultimate Comfort

The Bodylastic Yoga Wheel has the thickest cork padding available, surpassing the competitive product in both quality and thickness, which cushions your palm, legs, and back in motion, providing a remarkable feeling of comfort

Improves Yoga

Considered the best back opener and stretcher you can have, the Bodylastic Cork Yoga Wheel will open you up to new scenes and forms.



  • Spinal Stretch & High Lunge
  • Plank Pose, Handstand & Forward Fold
  • Single Angle Pose
  • Bound angle pose, Standing hamstring stretch, Forward bend, Standing side leg stretch
  • Child Pose and many more.



  • Non-slip cork surface, environmentally friendly, and odorless.
  • Soft and comfortable, anti-skid and wear-resistant, PP inner ring, high compression resistance.
  • Closely adhere to sweat without slipping
  • Don't worry about burrs scratching your body or clothing
  • Dry and wet double skid-proof, even if sweating back is not slippery